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Welcome to Plagiarism freedom consultancy services

We are one of the leading project consultants in India, having professionalism in students project plagiarism removing and complete project work assistance.

Who Are We

As “Bird of a feather flock together” three MBA friends have bond together with a sense of helping students to get plagiarism freedom, by adding value to their project reports.

Our Mission

To help students overcome their plagiarism and project difficulties to successfully attain their university DEGREE’S.

What We Do

Our 5-C Process



Our 5-C process starts with checking the projects with Turnitin software.



After checking, we do clarify the % of plagiarism that has been copied or plagiarized from various sources.



After clarifying we do correction of the report without any content variations, grammatical errors and align the project work.



Post correction, completion will be made according to university guidelines after verifying from the concerned people.



Completion of project is not completion of our bond, make sure that you are connected with us for future queries and services.

Why Choose Us?

Our professional project plagiarism team has been praised by numerous students who have used our services, and they sincerely thank us for providing the highest quality services.

Checking services will be provided through Turnitin software at most affordable price (Rs100) for any Dissertation, Thesis and Research paper which limits 300 pages.

Plagiarized content will be re-written in a way that indicates actual meaning with another set of words by strictly avoiding hidden text/tricks from our expert team.

To ensure credibility, payment will be taken after reviewing the sent report by the student.

Students are allowed to chat 24×7 with our support team via WhatsApp or Telegram regarding project queries.

Content will be written by our qualified MBA professionals who are specialized in finance, HR, marketing, banking and other management as well as technical streams to make sure your content looks authentic.

Some Numbers

Plagiarism freedom achieved within 2 years.

1 +
Projects plagiarism removed
Projects Completed
1 +
served colleges in Bangalore itself
1 K+
Plagiarism checks

Do you have a Query?

For any queries in terms of plagiarism checking or removal, please contact us.