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Are you fed up with your project's plagiarism? Then send it to us. We are fond of that.

How can we help you?

Plagiarism freedom has been helping people with Projects, Dissertations, Theses, Research papers, and any other writing to get their work done without plagiarism.

Plagiarism Check

Any project/thesis will be checked through Turnitin software at an affordable price. A report will be sent within 30 minutes.

Plagiarism Removal

Plagiarism will be removed through paraphrasing from 100% to below 25% without letting the content go meaningless.

Content Writing

Content to be written for dissertations, theses and research papers.

Project Alignment

Any project work can be aligned/repaired as per given terms of the students by MS Word experts.

Other Services

Any query in terms of the project will be given free consultation by MBA professionals.

Plagiarism Removal Process

Plagiarism will be removed through paraphrasing the content without letting it go meaningless through the use of Artificial Intelligence tools.

(Note: will not use any tricks or hidden text to remove plagiarism)

1. Pre-editing Plagiarism Report

2. Plagiarized Content

3. Re-written Content

4. Post-edited Plagiarism Report

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We have been serving different university students in Bangalore and across India.

"What is originality?
Undetected plagiarism."

-William Ralph Inge

"If you copy from one author, it's plagiarism,
but if you copy from many, it's research."

-Wilson Mizner